If you are looking for pictures of your product, your event, or for a personal portrait I can provide sharp, natural, yet perfectly exposed looks with color grading. My focus always lies on capturing the most intriguing moment so that anyone who looks at the photograph wouldn't want to take their eyes off it.


As a filmmaker I specialize in image films as well as in lifestyle and event trailers. Together with you I will build a story based on your objectives and the message you want to pass on. With my tools and technique I will create a narrative and cinematic look that will let your business, product, or service stand out.





Hi, I’m Manuel Madaini, an Austrian based creative mind who uses the art of film and photography to turn stories into powerful visuals. The prime focus in my works isn’t just beautiful imagery. One of the first things I realized when I started creating pictures was that professional content needs more than what a filter can do. It’s about telling a story that creates emotions within the viewer and inspires them to reflect.

I see my life as a path where every day anything can happen. Creativity is the tool that turns a challenge into chance. Seeing our world as colorful and vibrant as it is, I could never imagine settling professionally for just one thing. After traveling and working in many different fields, I found something that required all my skills, open-mindedness, and thinking out of the box. Pictures may be beautiful but appear superficial if the photographer wasn't able to give its work a voice that tells the story behind it. My goal is to be not only somebody who takes pictures but to become a storyteller that does the object justice.

Manuel Madaini, Austria


Are you interested in sharing your story with me?

I'd be happy to present your ideas in the best possible light. Just send me a message through the contact form.

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